Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One sided coin

What are we doing here, where are we going?
Who are we, what is exactly our existence?
Is there any purpose in life after all or is it afterlife that's important?
If it's so, is there any afterlife? If there is any, why?
What is our conscience by the way, our reason?
Why is Keanu Reeves still acting?
Why are we looking back to our shit when we have done with our business in the toilet?
Who the hell is invented the word why?

I know the answer of last question, it's human. But the answer of other questions is just one: Life. Yes, life itself. There is no mystery on that (hmm, except Keanu Reeves question I guess. Why he acts is still mystery to me).

Today I heard from a friend that a guy I knew had an accident and died last week. I'd talked with him just 2 weeks ago and this week he'd joined into the ashes. Strange, he was just nobody, I mean exactly nobody. A simple person with lots of problems on his own, not many friends, no girl friend, not in good contact with his family, but not a bad person at all. Just simply, a simple person tried to live and keep up with his life with ups and downs. Mostly downs but anyway, it's life. Did he achieve anything in his life? No. Would he achieve anything? I don't know, probably no. Could he live better? Of course, but the problem was, how hard he tried how difficult it got.

A simple accident just caused an entropy in his body and destroyed the order of his own existence. But what did he leave behind? Nothing, just an empty room, a computer with full of games, 6 people on his cremation, couple of friends who would remember him time to time (but probably will forgot it after a year), a few bills, lots of chocolate cream...

If you are a person like me who doesn't believe in a god, in a religion or some mystic explanations in life to understand all of this, it's just sad to see that he'd suffered in his misery and problems while he tried to be happy like all of us. Of course some of you will think about a higher power to explain all of this. But, isn't our believe in a god just a simple way of protecting ourselves to reality of life itself? When the purpose of life is only the life itself, can our brains handle this fact without escaping into the realms of spirituality? However, how beautiful and powerful fact is that only the life itself is the purpose.

Life and death is just like a one sided coin. You can't seperate them, it's just ONE THING. One side is full, the other side is empty. It's up to you which side to look up for. Use your time as best and useful as you can for yourself and for your surrounding. Do you need more reason than that? I don't think so. At the end, it's only your reality that you make it.

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