Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grow Old Along With Me


Let the years go by,
I want that you know me and I know you.
I want that you should be your friends as well as you will be mine.
Let's live all these troubles and difficulties
and then let's tell them.
Let's live so that we can learn the life and support
for each other.
We should cry on each others shoulders
We should share and we should get bored together.
So that if you and me are alone, seperately, we should get bored.
We should celebrate our happy days with a bottle of wine
or with some cheap beers
when our friends are with us.
Let us live
like this.

And then we should get a child

Think, a being,
only yours and mine.
If he/she cries in the night
we should be with him/her.
You have to complain once a while
so that I have to take your turn.
When I am tired I should be lazy
so that you have to be angry at me
and make some omelettes.
We should hold each other in the cold nights.
When the time goes by
like the water flows
We have to have a life,
seen it all.
We shouldn't get bored of each other
in happiness or even in trouble.
The days we live
should be ours.
When we get old
we have to leave this town
to a place without a fight or
without a noise.
A place in silence.

We should watch the sea in the night
from our balcony
while we sat on our chair.
You sould ask for a coffee
when you come home.
Our children should come to visit
and then we have think about the
good old past,
while we were young.

You have to love me so
that all these things I write
shouldn't make you scared
and make you smile.
And we should leave this world
with happiness,
on our face.

With the proud of loving each other
for everything.

(My free translation of Can Yücel's poem, one of my favourite poets.)

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At Wednesday, January 18, 2006 3:14:00 PM, Blogger Sphinx said...

A touching poem. Thanks for the translation!


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