Friday, December 02, 2005

Disposable Weed

This is the story:
You come home. Your all electricity is off -twice in the same week. You call the electrician -again. He comes along, looks around, checks everything, measures some amper and voltage values and says "Hmmm", calls his boss, changes the fuses and leaves...

The next morning your first visitors are 2 police officers, one electrician and 2 official locksmiths of Amsterdam Police department. Ask you questions about your neighbour. Later they come along with a big truck start to clean up my neighbours appartement at the 2nd floor which apparently was a small marihuana greenhouse!

In 2 hours they cleaned all house. After my inquiry with the police officer, the electrician fixed my house fuses and they both thanked me for being a proper citizen(!?) and calling them.

It seems that I was living under a small "marihuana garden" for a year... But I didn't have any trouble with marihuana (if I could find a solution for smell, I would grow it myself probably. And it is true that it smells really strong. I realized it this morning pretty good when they were moving the stuff!). I only wanted to have my electricity back, simply called the electrician to see what the problem was! How can I know??

But I have to say; when I saw the marihuana plants, just thrown out like a piece of trash, I felt pretty sad (no, I couldn't get any plant in that rush!). Probably the guys upstairs wanted to have extra bucks and built up an -illegal- marihuana greenhouse (of course they can also be a member of mob, so in that case this can be my last post maybe:-) haha). The police officers and locksmiths were just doing their job as the law says: "To grow marihuana -for selling- is illegal, so..." Thinking further is not necessary!

I think the problem here is not marihuana, problem is "to sell"... When I was looking from my window and saw these poor marihuana plants, just thrown away, the leaves are sadly flying away by the wind.. Nobody was thinking that it is a "living" plant. At that moment it was just reduced to an object, a material thing which brings money, and official number in police reports.. In the capitalist system we live in it is a profit, not an organism anymore. System reduces it to an economical value, a material thing and just like any other material thing it's something mechanic, dead. And to sell is illegal, because in reality that road is controlled by bigger powers -which system allows!- but small parts are just eliminated... It is a capitalist system, everything is disposable.

I guess I will get new neighbours.

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At Saturday, December 03, 2005 1:53:00 AM, Anonymous Sarina said...

It is sad this disrespect for nature and the control that big businesses have over the flow of grass and hash into the country. There are medicinal properties to the plants to that have been largely ignored until the big pharmaceutical companies can find a way to harness this to make even more money and therefore, make it legal...for them. However, I suppose you don't have to worry anymore about water leaking through the ceiling and onto your things anymore. You should all live in tropical hemispheres where the plants can grow freely amongst the forest without concern for being trapped indoors and having their overflowing waters ruining innocent occupants items. Free the plants from the system!!! Mother nature cries at her losses.
Think I need more sleep.

At Thursday, December 15, 2005 12:05:00 AM, Blogger Engin said...

The reason they won't allow you to grow it, is because they can't get any tax out of it (it's illegal). Growing for your own use is okay though (max. 5 plants)

but I think your neighbour might be growing new plants soon for commercial purposes (this time legally). There is a debate in the Dutch parliament nowadays, to allow growing weed.

Pro arguments are that since selling weed to individuals in coffeeshop is legal, but growing is not, criminals supply it. So growing should also be legal they claim (which will bring tax of course)

Some are against it of course (like the prime minister). They claim it's against the international laws.

Anyways, if the law passes, Holland will be more green than ever. The look is nice, but we probably won't say the same for the smell..


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