Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Daily Life Facts


Some interesting facts of daily life for your enjoyment (written at midnight when suffering from insomnia, resurrected from notepad, copy pasted to MS Word with no reason):

  1. If you’re late at your work everyday, means that you live very close by to your work.
  2. If we could calculate pi just as “3”, then everything in the world would be very easy... or different.
  3. Watching TV makes people to believe that they are doing something while they, in fact, don’t do anything.
  4. All the curly telephone cables in the world are doomed to tangle.
  5. It’s not important how many hours per day people sleep, but it’s more important what time they wake up.
  6. Whenever you light a cigarette at the bus stop, bus comes.
  7. 96.8% of the people in the world don’t like Mondays. Same people spend the week by waiting for Friday.
  8. For women, the men with a relation is twice more attractive than the men without a relation.
  9. For men, every women can be attractive regardless their situation.
  10. The relationships are always like a bottle of champagne in the beginning, fresh and sparkling. After a certain time it turns to a bottle which was open for days, all freshness is gone.
  11. If you are a smoker, at the most critic moment you’ll not have a fire.
  12. At the supermarket the cue that your waiting will be always the slowest one.
  13. If you have money you’ll never have time, if you have time you’ll never have money. But you’ll waste most of your time to make money.
  14. Things that never go wrong will go wrong if you are in hurry.
  15. “To try” is the half of making mistakes. Don’t try, don’t make mistakes.
  16. Your boss’ jokes will be always the funniest one. But unfortunately you’ll never have a funny boss.
  17. There is a direct proportion between the time that people think they are right and the power they have.
  18. For men “to know” is to understand and for women “to know” is to sense. That’s why men believe that they know everything and think that women don’t know anything. But women know that most of the men are idiots.
  19. When you’ll have enough experience to become successful in some issues, then you’ll not have enough time left to reach that success.
  20. If you use a windows PC then you have to install the SP2 to close the security holes of SP1. Then you have to wait for SP3 to close the holes of SP2 and for SP4 to close the holes of SP3…
  21. Life is build up on a mathematical calculation of multiplying half with half for the result of a quarter.
  22. People are obsessed to tear the beer coasters to pieces
  23. Same people are hated by bartenders.
  24. Majority of people like to read nonsense.

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At Wednesday, October 12, 2005 2:15:00 AM, Blogger Sphinx said...

Hey...I really enjoyed this post...NICE ONE...so much truth in this...you should do writing more often at midnight.


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