Thursday, October 06, 2005


a ringing telephone in the october morning
remind me the old memories, floating in my mind
like the sands blown by the wind.
an old familiar voice:
"how are you? it was like a while ago.."
"yes" i said.
"but i still remember like
she asks:
"shall we meet again
before i go away?"
"why not" i say "just for the
old times sake".

we meet again
in an old dusty bar.
smelling whiskey, but her parfum
still reminds the past
that wasn’t so far.
hours long we chat
about this and that
like nothing was changed.
an old smile on her face shows the happiness
i just smile and give her a goodbye kiss.
"i’m leaving tomorrow
afternoon at six"
she says but means
"will you come to say
"i’ll just come by
it’s not the time to take farewell".

the very next day
i go to her hotel,
with a bottle of wine
just to feel well
we drink and talk
and kiss
"i wish this time
would last forever
but at least..."
then she stops, tries
to hide the tears.
i gave her a last kiss
on her red rose lips
and brought her to the bus
but didn’t stay so long
for the feelings i couldn’t trust.

* * *

* I'd written this a while ago, don't remember why... Probably because of Bukowski*

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