Friday, November 11, 2005



"Paris demonstrations spread to Amsterdam. Some youth gangs tried to cause a riot to protest French Government's action and burned down some auto's".

"But the local authorities took a fast action. 5 persons were arrested after the failed riot attack and they are expected to thrown out of the country."

Well, this is fake. Just wrote it down when I saw this car is burning in front of my house (car was really burning down, probably because of an engine failure. But there are no riots here--yet!). Then I thought how easy it is to make a fake news, you would never know what was really going on (well, you could guess it due the quality of the photo's which don't have the news quality, but if I did "have" the proper photo's, would it be true what I would say?)

Then I thought about French riots in last weeks. It's the most important thing happened in last 30 years in Europe actually (well, maybe since the Madrid and London bombings then). All the things we saw was fire, police officers, politicians, fire, burned down cars, buildings and more fire. I wonder, why are there so less photo's and images of the people who caused these riots, which are the most important event of the last 30 years in Europe? There are some "things" but not as much as I would expect to see.

No conspiracy here, I just wonder the way of getting information only. The reason of these riots are not only social-economical, have more complex roots and structure than that. But, this is "the information age" and we do have enough way of getting into the news. In all the other happenings in the world we get hardcore images and info, but just in the heart of Europe, there is this biggest social riot happened in last 30 years, and our info is pretty limited.


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At Saturday, November 12, 2005 1:20:00 PM, Anonymous :) said...

you had riots and burning churches in the NL after van gogh has been shot. Doesn`t that count?
sometimes I wonder if the dutch news about foreign countries is a bit limited in general (I heard the same about the UK).
I`ve the feeling that in the german news there are actually quite some pictures and news reports. (probably it`s just a cutting of what`s going on, but at least ... for extra-fotos one has always to search via independent "non-mass-media"-sources. don`t you think?).

At Saturday, November 12, 2005 8:37:00 PM, Blogger . nothing . said...

Yes, we can always get info through "independent media", but the facts behind these riots are so complex and the general info we get is so generalizing, I think the majority of the people misses the "big picture" behind these happenings. It's not 'only' an immigrants, suburbs or unemployment problem. It has to do directly with the crisis in the western civilization.

I'll write more on this later on.


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