Sunday, October 16, 2005

In 100 Things "I"


  1. I hate to write things about myself.
  2. I like paradoxes.
  3. I never met God but if there is one that’s me.
  4. I also like metaphors.
  5. I believe “nomen est omen” in Latin.
  6. I hate my name.
  7. I like the meaning of my name: “the chosen one, purified with innocence”.
  8. I believe that innocence is the only thing you can’t gain back when you loose.
  9. I believe that no one is innocent.
  10. I am quite egocentric.
  11. I am a lion.
  12. I don’t believe in astrology but I am a real lion.
  13. I can read hands.
  14. I can also read coffee cups.
  15. I can definitely read books
  16. I like to read a lot since I knew myself. That’s why I get a glasses in the first grade I guess.
  17. I try to be very logical and reasonable.
  18. I like science too, try to explain things in a logical way---but I already wrote that here above.
  19. I like repetition.
  20. I don’t want to loose my mind, that’s the only thing I have..
  21. I don’t want to loose my guitar either though.
  22. I am way too much social.
  23. I have lots of friends, from all around the world.
  24. They think that I am a great person. I do my best to prove that they are wrong but they don’t believe me.
  25. I like to try new things.
  26. I never learn from my mistakes.
  27. That’s why I keep making the same mistakes over and over.
  28. I like repetition.
  29. I am very open and honest to many people--sometimes way too honest that they don’t understand if I am serious or not?
  30. I believe that Descartes was wrong: “I laugh therefore I am”.
  31. I drink my coffee black and my tea with lots of sugar and I stir them from left to right.
  32. I don’t have any superstitions but I never walk under a ladder---maybe it falls on my head.
  33. I want to swim in an ocean one day.
  34. I like humor, but I know exactly when to be serious.
  35. I am in love with beautiful things.. and I’m in love with love---now I am serious-or an idiot.
  36. I believe that love is an art.
  37. And love is my religion.
  38. I don’t believe in “true love”, love is already a truth, there is no fake one. If it’s fake than it’s not love.
  39. Freedom is a very important thing for me, mentally, physically and psychologically---socially as well but we are never socially free.
  40. I want also my partner to be really free---but I never met anybody who can handle that.
  41. I live in dilemmas.
  42. Black is my favorite color---because it fits with everything well.
  43. I am not afraid of death---when it comes I am not going to be around anyway.
  44. But I am afraid to die alone---but we all die alone anyway.
  45. I like philosophy.
  46. I also like psychology.
  47. I like to watch and observe people.
  48. I believe that if you want to understand someone you have to look right in their eyes.
  49. That’s why I like to look at mirror.
  50. But I believe that “the image on the mirror is you, but you are not the image on the mirror”.
  51. I like Zen---though I don’t really know what it is.
  52. I like Socrates, because he said “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance”.
  53. I lie a lot---that was a lie!
  54. I like paradoxes.
  55. I forgot small things very easily.
  56. I like repetition---did I already say that?
  57. I like The Tea Party---the music band, not the ceremony.
  58. I am very clumsy.
  59. Sometimes I hate myself.
  60. Actually in those times I hate everybody.
  61. I don’t think nobody understands me very well.
  62. I am not quite sure if I understand myself either.
  63. I love technology but I hate all these new gadgets.
  64. I believe that TV makes people stupid.
  65. I used to watch a lot TV when I was a kid.
  66. I don’t watch TV anymore but I am not quite sure if I become smarter.
  67. I love films, I think they are great especially if they are cult and deep.
  68. I hate everything that's commercial or popular.
  69. I love to hate, and I like contradictories.
  70. I know that hate is evil and ignorant.
  71. I believe evil is anagram of to "live".
  72. I hate to work but work is part of life.
  73. I am very lazy.
  74. I am so lazy to wake up that I wish God for a heart attack sometimes.
  75. I have a tattoo but I always forget that I have one.
  76. I always forget things---did I already say that?
  77. I am not addicted to anything.
  78. I like coffee a lot---maybe I am addicted to something.
  79. I don’t believe in afterlife but it would be fine to find peace once.
  80. I really hate to fill in forms.
  81. I also hate public surveys, I don’t think they prove anything.
  82. I hate to generalize things, I think it narrows the way of thinking.
  83. Generally most of the people don’t think that broad and deep.
  84. I hate people saying “life is a bitch and then you marry one”. Either they never saw a bitch or they don’t have a life.
  85. I have a good sense of humor, no seriously I have.
  86. I like women, but not any woman.
  87. I like also wine.
  88. I think wine and women are good combination, especially when I am around.
  89. I wanna have children someday, but I hate them when they are younger than 7.
  90. I don’t really like the people who wants to be different and then follows the crowds.
  91. I think Bukowski is a good writer, as well as Kafka but I am not a literature critic.
  92. I like spontaneity---“All the demons are heaven sent…” I just heard this song text.
  93. I like good food, I think cooking must be a ritual.
  94. I hate fast food, I think it’s a dishonor for food.
  95. I hate the idea of “fast” and “more” generally, it makes people sick, stressed and frustrated.
  96. I would like to be a mystic but I know if you “do” want be one, you will never be one.
  97. I like chaos---as a theory not in my room.
  98. I think my life is a chaos sometimes.
  99. I like contradictories.
  100. I like repetitions---did I already say that?

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At Sunday, October 16, 2005 4:13:00 PM, Blogger Sphinx said...

YAY you finished it! I enjoyed reading it!! You are a very interesting person.

Hope you got some sleep!



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