Thursday, October 20, 2005

Night Poetry


(* the night, a bottle of wine, Morphine in the cd player... and the result..* )


The day is over,
And you my dear friend night,
do you want to share
my loneliness?
Good, thanks,
but don’t you know?
Loneliness can not be
otherwise it can’t be



Why my restless soul,
tell me,
why does she call me “you”?
Doesn’t she know
in the realm I am wandering,
there is no me or you.



Cry my love, cry
let me drown in your tears.
you’ll be my end and the beginning.
don’t fool yourself that we are separated.
like the day follows the night
and the night follows the day
endlessly, we were always together.

I don’t know anymore
who is the lover
and who is the beloved
because the day that
flame of love fell into my heart
I was you and you was me
we were never separated.


they say that paradise is a place
where you drink wine and look at your lovers face.
then my friend, I’m already in heaven.
my lover is next to me and the wine cup is on the surface.


(this poem is not mine, it's my free translation of a poem from one of my favourite poet)

A night,
and then a sleep
In the night…
Inside the sleep, me.
In the sleep.

A dream,
Inside a sleep.
I dream about ‘a night’
in the sleep;
I am in the night,
going somewhere,
like a mad.
And you,
In my mind.

I love you
so shy and hurt.
Looking at your face
without saying
a word.

Then I loose you
in the darkest moment
of the night.
I wake up
and see the light.
And you lying
next to me,
so pretty.

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At Friday, October 21, 2005 6:15:00 AM, Blogger Sphinx said... write amazing poetry. I especially liked "Unity" but that's because I'm a complete romantic at heart. I liked them all, though. You inspired me to post some of my old stuff,(kinda old lol) but I think your poetry is better. I'm glad you posted this poetry. It was a nice way to end my busy day.


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