Friday, January 27, 2006

The Self-destructivist Manifesto


This is the only true manifesto of Self-destructivism which leads to true freedom of mankind.

  1. Self-destructivism starts when we start knowing ourselves.
  2. We dedicate ourselves to nothing. We have no ideology, no dialectic, no religion, no faith, no race and no colour.
  3. We are not the self or me, we are not the self of all beings in this reality. Body, feeling, perception, activities, mind and consciousness are not the self. Self doesn't have body, mind or consciousness. Self isn't body, mind or consciousness.
  4. The things are created are subject to decay. All these everything created is an illusion, an exhausted intellection, a notion, all made of thought which must inherently end in dissolution.
  5. The reality is just an illusion. The knowledge that all being created is impermanent and whatever impermanent is inherently ill. What is impermanent is what is not real. What is permanent is real.
  6. We don't believe in ourselves in this reality. Self-destructivism is a process of identification the self with the not-self. This identification makes the man to realize the true nature of everything. And this realization grows unto divinity.
  7. We believe in Self-destructivism that leads to freedom. To understand Self-destructivism one must be fulfilling one's will without desire. A will totally empty. The emptiness must be perfect.
  8. Emptiness is purification. When purifying oneself from one's ego, one becomes the whole, the true permanent state that in fact the only true reality. To achieve this emptiness all craving, addictions, fetters of self must be destroyed.
  9. Destruction provides the base of construction. Self-destruction leads to self-construction, the initial phase of everlasting eternity.
  10. Therefore at last, the self itself must ultimately be destroyed.
"Take one step outside of yourself. The whole path is no longer than a step."

Manifesto is written by . nothing . (drawing is from MC Escher)

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At Friday, January 27, 2006 10:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"whatever impermanent is inherently ill".....This is clearly not the case, but in most other respects you are correct in what you have written. You might explore the notion of time being a construct of consciousness. We create time to make sense of the billions of sensations we experience at every moment. Our understanding of 'reality' is sometimes dependent upon how we understand the notion of time.


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