Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mystical Poetry


I came from eternity,
wrapped myself in flesh and bones.
My poor soul took this body,
my heart in love commenced to mourn.


Here on earth, I’ve spent my life
just like a sparkling flash.
Here lies my body, in the coffin
paid back my debt to death with my flesh.


Oh lover, your love made me insane.
You, beloved, are my remedy, for this poor soul in pain.
When the wine of love poured into those hearts
The eyes see neither a soul nor beloved, nothing remains.


When the night comes
the nightingale’s singing is a cry,
a love song for the day.
and this love song, echoing in the dark,
will forever stay.
we came into this earth
for the love of the beloved.
one word from my lover’s mouth
is like a song from paradise.
And our love song is
for this unity with the beloved.
let me taste the wine of love from your lips
my beloved, my cry is for your love.
one kiss my love
let me be drunk again from your love.


(These are my mystical poems, just simple try outs. 2nd one was inspired by a friends poem, I should give a credit to him as well.)

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very nice

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