Sunday, October 30, 2005

Eternal Loneliness


The last sunrays of the day was entering into my room. There I was sitting, in the middle of my living room. I was looking at walls, again, they were so familiar. Checked my voicemail, if anyone called me: “Hello, this is … . I am not at home right now, please leave a message after the beep.” Then there was this silence... I’ve turned the computer on. Nobody was online. I had barely anybody on my chatting list anyway. I’ve checked my e-mails: “You have 0 unread messages”. Felt so lonely.

Is anybody know that I am here? It looks like I am invisible.

My house was getting smaller and smaller. I went outside. I feel less lonely if I am in the middle of this strange, unknown crowd.
7 people bumped me on my shoulders when I was passing them by. They didn’t even look back to say “sorry”.
I went to supermarket, bought a candy bar and one can of coke, but the cashier didn’t look at me either when I was paying.
I went to the bus stop, sat on the chair. 4 people came along, stood in front of me. Nobody even noticed I was there.
One new passenger came and asked if anyone had a fire, nobody had. He asked everybody, except me. I took my lighter from my pocket to give, but he didn’t even look at me and walked further.
Then bus came I stood up but before I get in the bus, chauffer had closed the door and driven away. There I was, standing, suddenly all alone.

Is anybody know that I am here? It looks like I am invisible.

I walked a bit further, I felt like I was nobody. I wasn’t even exist for many. I always followed the lines, followed someone else’s rules. I’ve decided to break the rules, from now on I’ll make my own way. People will notice me. They will know that I am here.

I came to the end of side walk. Traffic light was red and everybody was waiting. They didn’t notice me. Everybody had stopped, besides me. I decided to walk through, they will see me.

I didn’t see the big truck coming and the big truck didn’t notice me either. Then... Crash!

Why is so dark here? Can anybody turn the lights on, hello?... Can you turn the lights on please?... Hello?... Is there anybody there?...

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At Thursday, December 01, 2005 8:12:00 AM, Blogger Insane_Racounter..! said...

Had a Dejavu Reading your post.


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