Sunday, October 30, 2005

One Night Stand


I didn’t really like to come to this bar. If Simon didn’t grab me I’d still be at home. Though he had just disappeared after we came in, forgot that I was with him probably, asshole. I saw him next to the juke box talking with a blond bimbo. I can hear her laughs even from here. I think I can forgot Simon for the rest of the evening.

Then I realized that I didn’t have any cigarettes left, went to the cigarette machine. It was there when I saw her. She was standing next the machine. Asked me if I had any fire. “Yes” I said. I burned her cigarette. Her face started to shine under the lighters fire while she tried to keep her cigarette closer to the lighter. In the dusty and dark corner of the bar, I watched her face under this weak light. She looked like a muse in the dark.

She raised her head, tried to look at me. She was still drunk, I saw she could hardly stand. Drunk but very beautiful. She reminded me somebody, but I don’t remember who. Someone I knew, or a film star? But that wasn’t important. I watched her face under the lights. If a woman could be a literature then she was the poetry.

We looked at each other without saying a word, minutes passed. She was trying to smile.
“If you want you can take me..” she said, then she stopped,
“.. away from here.”

It was pretty ironic what she said, though I didn’t really think to “take” her.
“Where do you want me to take you?” I asked.
“Anywhere but here, do you have a house?” she asked as if she knew that I was living close by.
“Yes” I said.

We went outside, I didn’t even think about Simon. Fucker!. He could find his own way home, if he would go home anyway. We started to walk home. We didn’t have any conversations except couple of drunk sentences and now I was “taking” her to my home. Strangely I felt some sympathy for this lady, didn’t bother me at all to “take” her.

Couple of minutes later we were at my place. We didn’t talk that much on the road but she was laughing a lot for every word I said. We went upstairs, I opened the door. She has just thrown herself on the couch. I opened a bottle of wine. And the windows.. We both felt the hot summer night. That was awaken her a bit. We started to talk, she was still laughing a lot.

She looked at my cd’s, “I like Nick Cave” she said. One minute later we were talking, Nick Cave on the background. She was laughing, I was laughing, we were both drinking. She asked my name, I told her. I asked her name, she told me. We both felt bit more comfortable. She asked me to give her a massage, I did. She asked me to kiss her, I did. I felt a strange sympathy for this unknown woman.

Then we went to bedroom. There was no place to sit except my bed, my bedroom was pretty cruel in these circumstances for women. But we didn't want to sit anyway. She thrown herself on the bed with her sexy laugh on her face. She looked like a small cat on the bed. She was kissing me, playing with my hair. I was caressing her. I could feel the warmth of her hands on my body and her wet lips. Then we made love. That was the less important part of the all evening.

She fell in sleep after we made love. I started to look at her, watched her body, each and every detail. She looked so innocent, like a white cat on my bed. I could count her breath. Her breasts were slowly moving up and down in every breath she took. I watched her some time. She couldn’t do anything else except being a woman. “And I, am I a real man now?” I thought. She asked me a fire and now our all night was burning. I knew, it was just the circumstances, we couldn’t escape. Maybe in another time and place would be totally different. Or same, I don’t know. Maybe just the characters would be different. “Yes, it’s just the circumstances” I said loudly. That woke her up, she looked at me in the night with her big eyes. I kissed her and we made love again. Then we both fell in sleep, without thinking about tomorrow.

She was still sleeping when I woke up. I watched this stranger in my bed for a while. Then I stood up. I was trying to be quiet but she was awake from my move. I looked at her, she looked at me. I didn’t know what to say. “Good morning” came out of my mouth. “Good morning” she replied. I put my jean on. She stood up, put her bra. For last time I watched her body. We were both dressed now. I felt that I should say something:

“Did you sleep well?” I asked.
“Yes” she said.
“Do you want to have a breakfast?”
“Well maybe, but it’s better if I leave now” she said.

I don’t know, but to hear that offended me. “No” I said, “we can have a breakfast, please”. “Ok” she said.

We went to the kitchen, I made a coffee and some sandwiches while she was looking at me. It was the same house we came last night but it didn’t feel same somehow. That atmosphere of last night was gone with the early daylights, as if it was escaped from the open windows. Even Nick Cave couldn't save the moment, I guess. She was bit restless, I tried to talk a bit, asked some questions, she gave me some answers. I sat on the chair, gave her the coffee. Then there we were, two coffee cups, two sandwiches and two strangers. She drunk her coffee. “I think, I have to leave now” she said. “Ok” I replied.

She stood up, I stood up. “Shall I come downstairs with you?” I asked. “No, it’s ok. I can find my way, I’ll just take a cab”. “Ok” I said. She put her shoes on, took her coat. I asked her number. She didn’t ask mine. Maybe I would call her, maybe not, but I felt it was better this way. Then she gave me a number told me that it was her house number. And gave me a kiss before she left.

I called that number next days, but I got always the same message “The number you dialed is not exist. Please check and try it again”.

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